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Importance of Digestion

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    A person’s health is directly linked to the health and process of the digestive system. The process by which taking in of food, which are then broken down and transformed into life giving particles. A person’s health is not only based on the foods we eat but most importantly on how well one is able to break down these foods and be processed in a manner that is useful and lifesaving for the body.

    Digestion starts in the mouth where food is broken down into smaller particles though chewing. The salivary glands produce an enzyme called amylase that helps the process. The food then passes to the stomach whereby further chemicals help to propel the food along to the first part of the small intestine where it then mixes with pancreatic enzymes along with bill from the liver and the gallbladder.These powerful enzymes help the breakdown of the food particles into amino acids, glucose and minerals and vitamins. These particles are then further broken down in the latter part of the small intestine and are transported through the intestinal walls and ending up in the blood stream.

    Problems with improper digestion due to diet or poor digestion, not only lead to digestive disorders but also to allergies, illness in the body and immune system impairment.Impaired digestion can be attributed to low stomach acid (which helps the breakdown of food particles) to damaged stomach and colon.One of the biggest problems with poor digestion is food allergies which are caused by toxins in the small intestine, low stomach acid secretion.These results in larger food particles which were unable to get properly digested, crossing the intestinal membrane, the body’s immune system makes antibodies against them. These antibodies attack these food particles causing immune complexes and inflammation. This can result in Irritable bowel syndrome IBS, andmany other comprising immune system diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Due to faulty digestion the food particles do not get properly broken down into life giving amino acids, vitamins, minerals and glucose resulting in malabsorption. Even with a properdiet high in complex carbohydrates, fish and fruits and vegetables malabsorption can still occur. Proper gutocology must be established by the use of digestive enzymes taken with every meal, as well as probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifodobacterium bifidum taken daily to help insure and correct problems with stomach acid and malapsorption to prevent possible food allergies and disease.

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