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I still had over 50 pounds to lose, 52 to be exact, I was hovering at size 16 and was unable to fit into any of my clothes. I was depressed and felt like my body had become foreign to me. Not one to accept this as my new reality I knew I had to take matters into my own hands.

I hired the toughest personal trainer, a former navy seal, to help me on my weight loss journey of what I like to call blood sweat and tears, I joined weight watchers (some 23 years ago). It became more of a mental game for me.

It took me one year to lose those 52 pounds and it was then I entered the world of nutrition. It's one thing to lose weight but how to keep it off? While on a trip one day about 14 years ago I stumbled upon a book that would help shape my future, it was called Skinny Bitch written by 2 holistic nutritionists, as soon as I got back to Toronto I called the Institute of Holistic Nutrition walked into their office heard all about their course and certification and enrolled that very day. Thus began my 2 and half year journey into my present-day life.

I learned how the body is a fine-tuned machine, that the nutrients we consume need to put our body in balance to achieve sustained weight loss. When we eat, what we eat are as important as movement as well as our thoughts. So, when I counsel my clients I too have walked in those shoes!! Let's walk on this journey together!

Let's walk on this journey together!

About Ruthy

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Through dedication, hard work and a vision ANYTHING can be accomplished. Each work experience has taught me to ask a lot of questions when dealing with clients, in addition to having really great listening skills empowers, inspires and motivates people to take control of their health, transform their body and change their lives

My passion for writing on many diverse topics on health, nutrition, foods and supplements. I am especially excited about my profession, being that it is always scientifically backed up. It is equally intriguing that as a Holistic Nutritionist I look at the body as a whole, not broken down in parts. I realize that a healthy lifestyle depends on many factors including organic foods, good relationships, and exercise. There are no Magic Pills, good health is achieved.

Through many factors, I am always on the cutting edge of current and new studies concerning holistic nutrition and I make it my mission to share my knowledge with others.

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